New CITGO Credit Card to Offer 5-Cents Off Each Gallon of Gas

CITGO Oil presented right now a pristine fuel prizes bank card that may give cardholders a 5-penny discount on every gallon of gas charged to the cardboard. The cardboard is being propelled through their associate Citibank’s Retail Organizations division. The fresh out of the box new CITGO Prizes Card may be out there starting September 1, and may be out there for on-line utilizing at

CITGO at present gives its own bank card, anyway there is nothing of the sort as a prizes program snared, so the fresh out of the plastic new Rewards Card may lure bigger use from present cardholders just as to the spic and span customers that enlist.

As anyone might expect, the interest for fuel bank cards will increment as the value of gas goes up, so CITGO is choosing an eminent time to dispatch, as gas expenses have yet again crawled up past the $3.50 per gallon mark in many urban areas.

Discounts on the fresh out of the plastic new CITGO Prizes bank card will exclusively be given on exact fuel buys, not various buys with the cardboard.

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